growing old? looking tired?
Give us a call and roll back the years on your ageing website or outdated graphics in numerous ways. They do say the old ones are the best ones, but that does not apply here!
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Old Website
slow and snail paced?
When it comes to your business and your website, slow and steady does not win the race, fast and efficient does! Optimise your images for web, fix those broken links and structure your pages better.
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Slow Website
got poor quality graphics?
Let us refresh them, or better still let us create some new ones that will really enhance your overall image, whether for your website or posters, business cards, leaflets and other printing!
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Bad or Poor Quality Graphics
Don’t be a norman nowhere!
Get your SEO in check, just having a website sometimes doesn’t cut it. You need to optimise your site in the right way to make it content rich and to gain a better chance of appearing in search results.
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Limited or No SEO
Keep the bugs out of there!
For your site to run smoothly it needs to be built in a way that reduces threats to the software and coding. It also needs to be updated regularly with the latest scripts and plugins.
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Bugs in your Website or Code
Throwing up spam regularly?
Nobody likes having tons of adverts thrown at them on every web page they visit. We can help you utilise your space properly and efficiently, helping you advertise more responsibly!
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Website Spam and Pop Ups

How We Work

Starting a new website or graphic design project can often be a daunting prospect. To make life easier we break the process down into four stages and keep you fully informed throughout. Ensuring that you understand our process and how the production of your project will unfold is important. This way you can prepare and arrange your workflow around ours as we produce and build your web presence or other materials.



The initial meeting will be used as an opportunity to get to know you, the business you're in and what you envision. We're big believers that no one knows your business better than you, we want to ensure that your knowledge, expertise and ideas come across in the final outcome.

Finding out what you're looking for and how we can fulfil those needs is imperative, gathering as much information as possible about the project in question and any important points that need to be considered. During the meeting an estimated time is given for the completion of work, which will vary according to the scale of the project. We shall then create a proposal of the work that will be carried out as discussed in the meeting, clarifying any points of importance and costings.


The development stage is when we compile the ideas and information discussed and turn it into a visual outcome such as a mockup or set of illustrations. A visual helps determine that we are on the right track, any changes can and should be made at this stage in terms of the design and layout.

This helps save us time and the you money as large changes to the brief at this stage or changes in the build stage are chargeable. We will advise where we see fit if any choices or changes made by the client could cause accessibility issues to users or conflict with important modern conventions or functionality. Whether or not the client decides to follow the advice is completely their decision, we are here to simply guide and offer our professional knowledge.

Additions can be made and elements changed or mixed up to fulfil your needs, you'd be surprised at out how different things can look with just a few minor changes! Once you are happy with the visuals we will answer any questions that you may have and sign off the design before moving onto the next stage.


Here is where we show the outcome and invite feedback for any further amendments. Any questions will be answered regarding any additional work to complete the project. This could be anything from: hosting details, additional files or SEO implementation.


All deliverables are completed to the clients desired specification as per the brief. The project is now completed! Any questions or queries can be answered if necessary, we are always available and willing to offer support to help you with any additional services provided by Digital Fuse whether it's a week or a matter of months after completion.

If you have had a website designed by us or already have your own, we offer reliable hosting services. This includes plugin and software updates to ensure security and the efficient running of your website, email accounts are also available, please get in touch for costings.

Find more information about other services such as hosting and SEO to further improve your websites efficient running.

Have a look at our portfolio for some projects that we have completed for other businesses and get an idea of our style and results.