growing old? looking tired?
Give us a call and roll back the years on your ageing website or outdated graphics in numerous ways. They do say the old ones are the best ones, but that does not apply here!
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Old Website
slow and snail paced?
When it comes to your business and your website, slow and steady does not win the race, fast and efficient does! Optimise your images for web, fix those broken links and structure your pages better.
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Slow Website
got poor quality graphics?
Let us refresh them, or better still let us create some new ones that will really enhance your overall image, whether for your website or posters, business cards, leaflets and other printing!
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Bad or Poor Quality Graphics
Don’t be a norman nowhere!
Get your SEO in check, just having a website sometimes doesn’t cut it. You need to optimise your site in the right way to make it content rich and to gain a better chance of appearing in search results.
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Limited or No SEO
Keep the bugs out of there!
For your site to run smoothly it needs to be built in a way that reduces threats to the software and coding. It also needs to be updated regularly with the latest scripts and plugins.
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Bugs in your Website or Code
Throwing up spam regularly?
Nobody likes having tons of adverts thrown at them on every web page they visit. We can help you utilise your space properly and efficiently, helping you advertise more responsibly!
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Website Spam and Pop Ups

Logo Design – Branding

A logo is a hugely important part of your branding, with becoming instantly recognisable as the ultimate goal. Using symbols, images and graphics in a particular way that conveys you and your business accurately will help your customers remember you. There are some people with the misconception that only the larger establishments require a logo. No matter what the size of your business the importance of a logo should not be ignored.

Design Principles

A good logo and branding should be unique and memorable, there are an endless range of colours, different styles, typography and visual elements to utilise. Your logo should be designed in such a way that it reflects the nature of your company and the products or services you offer.

Common Mistakes

There are several mistakes that people make when it comes to their logo. Some don’t pay enough attention, opting for a generic stock image or graphic to represent their company. This not only makes their company lack individuality, but also shows a lack of care, thought and effort. Other companies take it to the to the other extreme, overlooking the consistency on multiple platforms and devices by sacrificing their logo’s position and prominence over placement of other content. This will have an adverse affect whereby having several versions of your logo floating around makes it harder for your customers to easily recognise and identify with your business.

The Customers’ Point Of View

If you were to put yourself into the customers’ shoes for a moment, they are browsing through the Google search engine looking for a therapist. They come across two businesses to decide between, one has a clean, attractive logo that visually conveys therapy in one way or another. The other has simple text with a simple outline and a scruffy cut out of a product, which one do you think the customer will choose?

The reason why the customer would choose the first company with the sharp and appealing logo and branding is because they have put time and effort into theirs, considering how they might look and be perceived as a business. It boils down to just one word. “Trust”. Potential customers would rather work with a trusted company that takes care of their image instead of an unknown entity that looks as if they are trying to attempt something that have no experience in.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your branding or an improvement or redesign of your logo, get in touch.